Boeing 763

I must admit, I'd never heard of a Boeing 763 either, but the explanation is entirely anti-climactic. It turns out that some airlines like to truncate the names of airliners, and the 763 is a good example. In reality, the aircraft in question is a Boeing 767, a 767-300 model to be precise. Whatever airline you are flying has merely chosen to shorten the full 767-300 designation down to 763.

Boeing 767-300, aka the 763
Boeing 767-300, aka the 763

The practice is not all that uncommon, and other examples include the 752, better known as the 757-200, as well as the 738, aka the 737-800. These truncated designations tend to be used internally by airlines and the FAA, but the official model numbers are still typically shown on tickets, signs, safety booklets, in-flight magazines, web sites, and other information viewed by the flying public.
- answer by Jeff Scott, 2 February 2003

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