German F-4F Armament

The F-4F Phantom II was derived from the US Air Force's F-4E and built specifically for the needs of West Germany. Although originally intended primarily for interceptor duties, some of the 175 delivered were also employed as fighter-bombers. In recent years, Germany has pursued an ambitious upgrade program to improve the combat capabilites of the venerable F-4. The first phase of the KWS (Kampfwehrsteigerung), or Improved Combat Efficiency (ICE) program, saw about 150 F-4Fs upgraded with a new laser inertial gyro, GEC CPU-143/A digital air computer, and a new databus. About 110 of these have been or are being further upgraded through the second phase of the ICE program with a new APG-65 radar, AEG radar displays, Hughes cockpit displays, a new IFF system, Litton ALR-68(V)-2 radar-warning receiver, smokeless engines, and a fire control system plus Frazer Nash ejector launchers that allow the aircraft to carry four AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles under the fuselage. The first AMRAAM firing from an F-4F ICE occurred in November 1991 and the upgraded aircraft were placed in service with JG71 and JG74.

Other weapons the F-4F can carry include the M61A1 20-mm Vulcan cannon, four AIM-9 Sidewinders, four AIM-7 Sparrows (in place of AMRAAM), rocket pods, gun pods, general purpose bombs, cluster bombs, AGM-65 Maverick laser-guided missiles in conjunction with the AVQ-23 Pave Spike designator, and the AGM-45 Shrike.
- answer by Jeff Scott, 9 December 2001

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