Munitions Designations II

The following data contains a full listing of the Identification Designator codes provided in the US military Munitions Designation system.

     AA - Altitude Indicating Instrument 
     AB - Flight Instrument 
     AC - Air Compressor 
     AD - Adapting Item (not used if CD is applicable) 
     AE - Engine Instrument 
     AG - Pressure Indicating Instrument (not used if EG is applicable) 
     AH - Handling Item 
     AL - Position Indicating Instrument 
     AM - Ground Vehicle Maintenance 
     AP - Miscellaneous Autopilot Component 
     AQ - Navigational Instrument 
     AR - Attitude Indicating Instrument 
     AS - Signal Amplifier 
     AT - Actuating Item 
     AV - Speed Indicating Instrument 
     BA - Aircraft Arresting System Component 
     BB - Explosive Item (only used if not otherwise covered) 
     BC - Battery Charger 
     BD - Simulated Bomb ("Dummy") 
     BG - Bag 
     BL - Bomb (non-nuclear) 
     BN - Buoy 
     BP - Assessing or Briefing Item (Projection)
     BR - Bomb Rack or Shackle (internal and external) 
     BS - Munitions Stabilizing or Retarding Device 
     BT - Battery 
     BV - Assessing or Briefing Item (Viewing)
     CA - Miscellaneous Cabinet 
     CB - Cluster Bomb (consists of a dispenser (SUU) and/or clustering device(s) (CDU) and bombs (BLU/BDU)) 
     CC - Cartridge 
     CD - Clustering Device (interface unit between dispensers (SUU) and bombs (BLU/BDU)) 
     CE - Ice Crusher 
     CF - Photoflash Cartridge (not used if LU is applicable) 
     CG - Cargo Tiedown Item 
     CH - Cushion 
     CJ - Jet Engine Starter Cartridge 
     CK - Aircraft Ejection Seat Catapult 
     CL - Calibrating Item 
     CM - Miscellaneous Clothing (only used if not otherwise covered) 
     CN - Miscellaneous Container 
     CP - Computing Item 
     CQ - Breathing Air Item 
     CR - Oxygen Item 
     CS - Special Clothing (excluding headgear, handwear and footwear) 
     CT - Aerial Delivery Container 
     CV - Cover 
     CW - Warmth Clothing (excluding headgear, handwear and footwear) 
     CX - Impact Marking Smoke Charge 
     CY - Cartridge Case 
     DC - Vehicle Control Device 
     DD - Demolition or Destruction 
     DE - Dehumidifying Item 
     DH - Detecting Item 
     DP - Duplicating Item
     DS - Target Detection Device 
     DT - Timing Device
     EA - Engine Performance Indicating Instrument 
     EC - Electrical Conversion Items 
     ED - Eye Protective Device 
     EE - Eye Protective Device for Headgear (designed only for attachment to HG items) 
     EF - Fuel Measuring Instrument 
     EG - Engine Pressure Measuring Instrument 
     EH - Engine Temperature Measuring Instrument 
     EM - Ground Electrical Power Supply Item (with prime mover) 
     EP - Ground Electrical Power Supply Item (without prime mover) 
     ER - Engine Tachometer 
     ET - Engine Transportation or Handling Device 
     FD - Direction Indicating Instrument 
     FE - Fire Extinguisher 
     FF - Fuel Filter 
     FL - Inflating Equipment 
     FM - Munitions Fuze (not used if FS is applicable) 
     FN - Internal Vehicle Fuel Tank 
     FP - Pylon-Mounted Fuel Tank (jettisonable) 
     FR - Refrigerator 
     FS - Munitions Fuze Safety-Arming Device 
     FT - External Vehicle Fuel Tank (not used if FP is applicable) 
     FW - Footwear 
     FZ - Munitions Fuze-Related Item 
     GA - Airborne Gun 
     GB - Guided Bomb (not self-propelled)
     GC - Gaseous Converter, Charger or Recharger 
     GD - Dummy Guided Missile
     GE - Vehicle Electrical Generator 
     GF - Gun Related item (excluding pods, tanks and ammunition) 
     GG - Gaseous Generator 
     GL - Ground Engine 
     GM - Miscellaneous Gage 
     GP - Gun Pod (combination of airborne gun (GAU) and suspension unit (SUU)) 
     GR - Ground Refueling Item 
     GS - Ground Support Item (only used if not otherwise covered) 
     GT - Weapon Turret (not used if GP is applicable) 
     GU - Gun (other than airborne) 
     HA - Handwear 
     HB - Harness or Safety Belt 
     HC - Cargo Handling Item 
     HD - Heating Device 
     HG - Headgear 
     HL - Hoisting Item 
     HP - Personnel Aerial Delivery Item 
     HR - Electrical Harness or Cable 
     HS - Oxygen Breathing Hose (connecting oxygen mask (MBU) to source; excludes bulk hose) 
     HT - Air Breathing Hose (connecting air breathing mask (MCU) to source; excludes bulk hose) 
     JA - Cartridge Actuated Initiator 
     JE - Electrical Distribution, Junction or Interconnecting Box or Device 
     KA - Unfilled Clustering Device 
     KB - Simulated Cluster Bomb 
     KD - Simulated Clustering Device 
     KM - Miscellaneous Kit 
     LA - Vehicle Installed Launching Mechanism (not used if PW or SU are applicable) 
     LB - Lubricating Device 
     LE - Ground Lighting Item 
     LK - Ammunition Link 
     LM - Ground Launching Mechanism 
     LN - Navigation Light 
     LP - Life Preserver 
     LR - Liferaft 
     LT - Vehicle Installed Light 
     LU - Illumination Light (including signal flares) 
     LW - Laser Weapon (excluding target designating lasers) 
     MA - Miscellaneous Armament Item (only used if not otherwise covered) 
     MB - Breathing Oxygen Mask 
     MC - Breathing Air Mask (not used if MB is applicable) 
     MD - Miscellaneous Simulated Munition (only used if the simulated live munition is not designated) 
     MH - Munitions Handling Item (only used if not otherwise covered) 
     MJ - Munition-Countermeasures (e.g. flares) 
     ML - Miscellaneous Live Munition (only used if not otherwise covered) 
     MM - Vehicle Maintenance Item (only used if not otherwise covered) 
     MP - Protective Mask 
     MS - Maintenance Stand 
     MT - Mount 
     MX - Miscellaneous (only used if not otherwise covered) 
     NC - Nonstereo-Charting Item
     NM - Nuclear Measuring Item 
     NR - Miscellaneous Nitrogen Item 
     PA - External Munitions Dispensing Device (not used if SU is applicable) 
     PC - Parachute Component 
     PD - Printed Data for Dispensing 
     PE - Electrical Panel 
     PF - Propellant Control Item 
     PG - Gun Ammunition 
     PJ - Projectile 
     PL - Plotting Device
     PM - Pump 
     PP - Printing Item
     PR - Protective Item 
     PT - Auxiliary Power Unit 
     PV - Primer 
     PW - Internal Munitions Dispensing Device (not used if SU is applicable) 
     RA - Canopy Remover 
     RB - Rocket and Launcher Unit (combination of launcher (LAU) and Rocket (RLU)) 
     RD - Simulated Rocket
     RE - Rescue Device 
     RF - Inflight Refueling Item 
     RG - Electrical Regulating Item 
     RH - Reconnaissance Interpretation
     RL - Live Rocket
     RM - Reel or Reeling Mechanism 
     RV - Dummy Re-entry Vehicle 
     RW - Re-entry Vehicle 
     RY - Electrical Relay 
     SA - Sight (Bomb, Gun or Rocket) 
     SB - Stabilizing Item 
     SC - Stereo-Charting Item
     SD - Signal Device 
     SE - Seat (excluding ejection seats (SJU)) 
     SG - Ground Starter (not installed in engine) 
     SH - Shelter 
     SJ - Ejection Seat 
     SK - Seat Kit 
     SM - Simulator 
     SP - Mine-Sweeping Item 
     SR - Survival Item 
     ST - Installed Starter 
     SU - Stores Release or Suspension Unit (Munitions Dispenser) 
     SV - Servomechanism 
     SW - Electrical Switch 
     SX - Scoring Device 
     TA - Training Aid 
     TC - Cartridge Actuated Thruster 
     TD - Target Device (excluding drones) 
     TE - Electrical Transformer 
     TH - Target Handling Item 
     TK - Tracking Equipment 
     TL - Tool (only used if not otherwise covered) 
     TM - Miscellaneous Tank (excluding vehicle fuel tanks) 
     TQ - Miscellaneous Towing Device (not used if RM is applicable) 
     TR - Instrument Transmitter 
     TT - Test Item (only used if not otherwise covered) 
     TW - Tape Unit 
     VA - Valve (not used if CQ or CR are applicable) 
     VC - Vehicle Chassis 
     VS - Viewing Device (not used if SA is applicable) 
     WA - Warhead Section (not used if WD, WE or WT are applicable)
     WB - Vehicle Body Section (not used if other Wx are applicable)
     WC - Vehicle Control Section (not used if other Wx are applicable)
     WD - Explosive Warhead
     WE - Empty Warhead
     WF - Warhead (not used if WA, WD, WE or WT are applicable)
     WG - Vehicle Guidance Section
     WM - Weather Device (Nucleating) 
     WN - Vehicle Nose Section (not used if WA, WC, WD, WE, WG or WT are applicable)
     WP - Vehicle Propulsion Section
     WT - Training or Dummy Warhead

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