X-43 Flight Test Resumption

The information you reference is a previous question we answered about the investigation into why the first X-43 test flight failed. In that discussion, we described several changes that have been made to the X-43 booster rocket to ensure that it will operate properly in the other two planned flights.

Second X-43 Hyper-X being delivered to NASA Dryden
Second X-43 Hyper-X being delivered to NASA Dryden

The second X-43 was delivered to NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, from which the test flights are conducted, on 31 January 2001. The vehicle has completed ground testing, and both the X-43 and the modified Pegasus booster rocket are being prepared for mating. According to the latest information we've obtained from our contacts at Dryden, the next test flight is tentatively scheduled for October or November of 2003.
- answer by Jeff Scott, 20 July 2003


The latest word from our colleagues at NASA Dryden is that the flight of the second X-43A has been pushed back to January and then to March 2004. We are not sure as to the exact reasons for the delay, but NASA engineers have indicated that they are pretty confident the flight will be pushed back no further.
- answer by Jeff Scott, 23 November 2003

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