Su-33 'Flanker' Armament

We're positive that the Su-33, a derivative of the Russian Su-27 designed for use aboard aircraft carriers, has more than 10 hardpoints--most likely 12 and possibly 14. In addition to the 2 wingtips, there are 3 hardpoints under each wing, at least 1 under each engine duct, and 2 along the centerline. We're also almost positive that a load of 8 R-27 and 4 R-73 missiles is valid, but 6 of each seems unlikely.

Su-33 in the background

Photos indicate that short-range air-to-air missiles (AAMs) are carried on the wingtips and the two outermost wing stations while long-range AAMs (or air-to-ground weapons) are carried on the other stations.
- answer by Jeff Scott, 18 November 2001

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