Aerodynamics Information

There's not as many aerodynamics web sites aimed at kids as there should be, but here are some you might find useful. First, try the NASA learning guides: Some other good sites on basic aerodynamics can be found at There are also some sites focused on paper airplanes and kites that have some good aerodynamics information and project ideas: You might also look at Scitoys, a company offering kits for science fair projects: We also recommend a book called The Illustrated Guide to Aerodynamics by H.C. Smith. This is a good book that goes through the basic aerodynamic definitions and equations without getting too technical for novices. It's the kind of book that is pretty informative, but easy enough to understand that your local library might have it.

I hope this list helps. If you still need more help, try searching "aerodynamics + kids" on a search engine. That is how we found most of the sites listed above.
- answer by Jayme O'Sullivan, 1 April 2001

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