C4ISRT Plane Gallery

Group of SR-71 Blackbirds

Perhaps no aircraft better represent the state of the art in aerial warfare than those conducting command, control, communications, computing, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting (C4ISRT) missions. Few probably realize the impact reconnaissance aircraft have had on history, especially during the Cold War. The super-secret aircraft used by the United States during that period had the power to defuse crises, by giving the President accurate information on Soviet capabilities, and to cause them, such as the loss of Gary Powers' U-2 over the Soviet Union in 1960. Such high-profile instances aside, reconnaissance aircraft and spy satellites have provided invaluable information to their political masters while remaining almost completely outside the public eye. More recently, information technology has revolutionized warfare with command and control aircraft that identify and prioritize targets, surveillance platforms that monitor enemy movements, intelligence aircraft that gather information on foreign equipment, and jamming aircraft that disable enemy defenses.

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