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Airbus A340 Airbus
Long-Range Jetliner

Designed as a four-engined long-range complement to the A330, the A340 competes primarily with Boeing's 777 and 747. The A340 shares many features with the A330, including the same fuselage, landing gear, tail assembly, flight deck, and basic wing. The wing structure and leading-edge slats are slightly modified because of the two additional engines that power the A340.

The first two major versions of the A340 are the basic A340-300 and the extended-range A340-200. A combined passenger/freight A340-300 model has also been developed. One of the latest models is the A340-600 with a longer fuselage for up to 410 (and possibly 550) passengers and much more powerful engines. A shorter A340-500 with enlarged wings and increased fuel capacity complements the -600 by offering even greater range. Over 230 examples of the A340 had been built by 2003, but further sales have been quite weak. By 2009, the backlog had become so small that production could could conceivably end in 2010.

Data below for A340-200 and A430-300
Last modified 11 April 2011

First Flight (A340-300) 25 October 1991
(A340-500) 11 February 2002
(A340-600) 23 April 2001
Service Entry

(A340-300) March 1993 (with Lufthansa)
(A340-500) February 2004 (with Singapore Airlines)

CREW: two flight crew: pilot, co-pilot

PASSENGERS: (A340-200) 263 in three classes, 303 in two classes
(A340-300) 295 in three classes, 335 in two classes
(A340-500) 318 in three classes, 440 in one class
(A340-600) 380 in three classes, 485 in one class



Wing Root unknown
Wing Tip


Length (A340-200) 194.83 ft (59.39 m)
(A340-300) 208.83 ft (63.65 m)
(A340-500) 222.77 ft (67.90 m)
(A340-600) 247.05 ft (75.30 m)
Wingspan (A340-200/300) 197.83 ft (59.06 m)
(A340-500/600) 208.33 ft (63.45 m) including winglets
Height (A340-200) 54.75 ft (16.70 m)
(A340-300) 54.92 ft (16.75 m)
(A340-500/600) 56.72 ft (17.29 m)
Wing Area (A340-200/300) 3,892 ft² (361.6 m²)
(A340-500/600) 4,729 ft² (439.4 m²)
Canard Area

not applicable

Empty (A340-200) 284,400 lb (129,000 kg)
(A340-300) 285,000 lb (129,275 kg)
(A340-500) 374,780 lb (170,000 kg)
(A340-600) 390,215 lb (177,700 kg)
Normal Takeoff unknown
Max Takeoff (A340-200) 606,300 lb (275,015 kg)
(A340-300) 597,500 lb (271,020 kg)
(A340-500/600) 804,680 lb (365,000 kg)
(A340-500/600 HGW) 837,755 lb (380,000 kg)
Fuel Capacity (A340-200] 40,960 gal (155,040 L)
(A340-300) 37,380 gal (141,500 L)
Max Payload

(A340-200) 101,915 lb (45,915 kg)
(A340-300) 95,900 lb (43,500 kg)
(A340-500) 112,875 lb (51,200 kg)
(A340-600) 137,345 lb (62,300 kg)

Powerplant (A340-300) four General Electric/SNECMA CFM56-5C2 turbofans
(A340-500) four Rolls Royce Trent 553 turbofans
(A340-600) four Rolls Royce Trent 556 turbofans
Thrust (A340-300) 138,480 lb (616.0 kN)
(A340-500) 212,220 lb (944.0 kN)
(A340-600) 223,910 lb (996.0 kN)

Max Level Speed at altitude: 580 mph (930 km/h) at 30,000 ft (9,145 m), Mach 0.86
at sea level: unknown
cruise speed: 555 mph (890 km/h) at 35,000 ft (10,670 m), Mach 0.83
Initial Climb Rate unknown
Service Ceiling 41,010 ft (12,500 m)
Range (A340-200) 8,000 nm (14,800 km)
(A340-300) 7,150 nm (13,250 km)
(A340-500) 8,665 nm (16,050 km)
(A340-500 HGW) 9,000 nm (16,700 km)
(A340-600) 7,505 nm (13,900 km)
(A340-600 HGW) 7,900 nm (14,600 km)
g-Limits unknown

A300B11 Airbus design study based on the A300 that led to the A340 concept
A340-200 Long-range model with a shorter fuselage; 28 built by 2001
A340-200 HGW
or A340-8000
High-gross weight variant based on the A340-200 with increased fuel capacity and reduced passenger load for very long range
A340-300 First production model; 163 built by 2001
A340-300 Combi Combined passenger/cargo model based on the A340-300 and typically carrying 190 to 220 passengers plus four to six cargo pallets
A340-300 Enhanced Upgrade available for A340-300 airframes that includes a fly-by-wire controlled rudder, improved flight deck, and a revised cabin
A340-300 HGW High-gross weight variant based on the A340-300 with increased fuel capacity, a strengthened wing structure, and uprated engines
A340-500 Long-range model with a fuselage 10.50 ft (3.20 m) longer than the A340-300 and wings roughly 20% larger to carry about 318 to 440 passengers and fitted with uprated engines
A340-500 HGW High-gross weight variant based on the A340-500 with the increased fuel capacity and strengthened structure of the A340-600 HGW for greater range
A340-600 Long-range model with a fuselage 35.75 ft (10.90 m) longer than the A340-300 for 380 to 485 passengers and equipped with more powerful engines
A340-600 HGW High-gross weight variant based on the A340-600 with increased fuel capacity and strengthened structure for greater range
A340M Proposed military version similar to the A340-300 Combi for use as a personnel and cargo transport or in-flight refueling tanker

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Government/Military Egypt, Al Quwwat al Jawwiya il Misriya (Egyptian Air Force)
Saudi Arabia, Al Quwwat al Jawwiya al Malakiya as Sa'udiya (Royal Saudi Air Force)


Airbus A340

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