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SH-60 Sikorsky
SH-60 Seahawk
Ship-borne Multi-Purpose Helicopter

When the US Navy issued a requirement for an updated LAMPS III (light airborne multi-purpose system) helicopter to operate from smaller naval escorts, Boeing and Sikorsky each submitted proposals. Following a 1977 fly-off, the Sikorsky S-70L, itself a growth of the Army UH-60A, was named the winner. While the Seahawk uses the same basic airframe of the UH-60A, the SH-60B is far more expensive and complex due to the addition of extensive avionics and weapons systems. The aircraft is equipped primarily for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-ship surveillance and targeting (ASST) duties. Other capabilities include search and rescue, replenishment, and medical evacuation missions. Due to the success of the original SH-60B variant, the Navy has also developed the HH-60H special operations model and SH-60F carrier-borne ASW model. All US Navy models will be replaced by the MH-60R and MH-60S. The US Coast Guard also uses the HH-60J search and rescue version. The SH-60 has attracted customers among several US allies.

Data below for SH-60B
Last modified 15 April 2011

First Flight (YUH-60A) 17 October 1974
(UH-60A) October 1978
(YSH-60B) 12 December 1979
(SH-60B) 11 February 1983
(MH-60S) 2000
Service Entry

(UH-60A) June 1979
(SH-60B) 1984

CREW: three: pilot, co-pilot, systems operator


(MH-60S) $19 million

Rotor Blade Root SC1095R8
Rotor Blade Tip


Length 64.83 ft (19.76 m) with rotors turning
50.04 ft (15.26 m) ignoring rotors
40.92 ft (12.47 m) folded
Rotor Diameter 53.67 ft (16.36 m)
Height 17.00 ft (5.18 m) to top of tail rotor
Rotor Disk Area

2,262.04 ft² (210.14 m²)

Empty 13,650 lb (6,190 kg)
Normal Takeoff 20,245 lb (9,185 kg) [ASW mission]
Max Takeoff 21,845 lb (9,925 kg)
Fuel Capacity internal: unknown
external: unknown
Max Payload

(MH-60S) 9,000 lb (4,080 kg)

Powerplant two General Electric T700-401 turboshafts
Thrust 3,380 shp (2,520 kW)

Max Level Speed at altitude : 145 mph (235 km/h) at 5,000 ft (1,525 m)
at sea level: unknown
Maximum Climb Rate 700 ft (215 m) / min
Service Ceiling unknown
Hover Ceiling
(out of ground effect)
Range typical: 435 nm (805 km)
ferry: 520 nm (965 km)
Endurance (SH-60B) 3 hr
(SH-60F) 4 hr 15 min
g-Limits unknown

Gun none
Stations 2 hardpoints
Air-to-Air Missile none
Air-to-Surface Missile AGM-84 Harpoon, AGM-114 Hellfire, AGM-119 Penguin, Sea Skua
Bomb none
Other up to two Mk 46 or Mk 50 ASW torpedoes, Mk 36 mine, Mk 35 depth charge, sonobuoys, dipping sonar, MAD towed array

YSH-60B Prototype of naval helicopter based on UH-60A; 5 built
SH-60B Production LAMPS III model to equip destroyers and frigates; 260 to be built
SH-60F Ocean Hawk Carrier-based ASW model with dipping sonar; 150 to be built
HH-60H Rescue Hawk US Navy model used for combat search and rescue as well as special operations missions
HH-60J Jayhawk US Coast Guard search and rescue model
SH-60R Upgrade being applied to SH-60B and SH-60F models
CH-60S New-build transport model for US Navy equipped with GPS navigation and digital cockpits to replace Navy models of the CH-46 Sea Knight
MH-60S Knighthawk Redesignation for the CH-60S in recognition that the model's requirements had grown into a multi-mission platform to support vertical replenishment, search and rescue, mine countermeasures, and special warfare; based on the UH-60L airframe with the rotor, dynamic systems, and rescue hoist of the SH-60B, also features the external pylon of the UH-60 series to carry weapons and equipment; up to 250 to be built
S-70B-6 Anti-submarine model for Greece
S-70C Seahawk model for Taiwan
S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk

Model similar to SH-60F built for Taiwan


Bosnia - Operation Deliberate Force (USN, 1995 [HH-60])


Australia (Royal Australian Navy)
Greece, Elliniki Polimiki Naftikon (Hellenic Navy)
Japan, Kaijo Jieitai (Japan Maritime Self Defence Force)
Spain, Arma Aérea de la Armada Española (Spanish Naval Aviation)
Taiwan (Republic of China Navy)
Thailand, Kong Tha Han Lur Thai (Royal Thai Navy Air Arm)
Turkey, Türk Donama Havaciligi (Turkish Naval Aviation)
United States (US Coast Guard)
United States (US Navy)



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  • US Navy SH-60 Fact Sheet

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