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Mirage F.1 Dassault
Mirage F.1
Multi-Role Fighter

The Mirage F.1 design uses the same fuselage as the Mirage III but replaces the delta wing of the Mirage III/5 family with a more traditional swept wing and horizontal tail. This change was made since many users of the earlier aircraft complained about the high landing speeds and large turn radii associated with delta-winged aircraft. The efficiency of the new wing coupled with a 40% increase in fuel capacity over the Mirage III results in a shorter takeoff length, twice the range, thrice the supersonic endurance, improved maneuverability, and much better low altitude performance.

The F.1 has the distinction of being used by both sides in the 1991 Gulf War. Over 770 Mirage F.1s were built, almost 500 of them for foreign customers throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Data below for Mirage F.1C
Last modified 06 April 2011

First Flight (F.1) 23 December 1966
(F.1C) 15 February 1973
(F.1CR) 20 November 1981
Service Entry

(F.1C) 1973

CREW: one: pilot



Wing Root unknown
Wing Tip unknown

Length 49.96 ft (15.30 m)
Wingspan 27.50 ft (8.40 m)
Height 14.75 ft (4.50 m)
Wing Area 269.1 ft² (25.0 m²)
Canard Area

not applicable

Empty 16,314 lb (7,400 kg)
Normal Takeoff 24,030 lb (10,900 kg)
Max Takeoff 35,715 lb (16,200 kg)
Fuel Capacity internal: unknown
external: unknown
Max Payload

8,818 lb (4,000 kg)

Powerplant one SNECMA Atar 9K-50 afterburning turbojet
Thrust 15,873 lb (70.6 kN) with afterburner

Max Level Speed at altitude: 1,460 mph (2,350 km/h) at 39,370 ft (12,000 m), Mach 2.2
at sea level: 915 mph (1,470 km/h), Mach 1.2
Initial Climb Rate 44,000 ft (13,400 m) / min
Service Ceiling 65,615 ft (20,000 m)
Range typical: 756 nm (1,400 km)
ferry: 1,780 nm (3,300 km)
g-Limits unknown

Gun two 30-mm DEFA 552A cannons (125 rds ea)
Stations five external hardpoints and two wingtip rails
Air-to-Air Missile AIM-9 Sidewinder, Matra R.530, Matra 550 Magic
Air-to-Surface Missile AS.30, AS.37, Wasp
Bomb 250/500 kg bombs
Other rocket pods, ECM pods

F.1A Ground attack fighter with no radar and simple avionics
F.1B Two-seat combat-capable trainer
F.1C One-seat all-weather interceptor with more advanced electronics
F.1CG One-seat interceptor used by Greece; 40 built
F.1CH One-seat interceptor used by Morocco; 18 built
F.1C-200 F.1C models upgraded with in-flight refueling capability; 25 converted
F.1CR One-seat reconnaissance model based on F.1C-200 equipped with panoramic and infrared cameras as well as numerous specialized external pods, also has secondary attack capability and can carry AAMs for self-defense; 64 built
F.1CT Attack model based on F.1C
F.1D Two-seat model based on F.1E, for export
F.1E One-seat attack fighter with more sophisticated nav/attack system and all-weather capability, for export
F.1EH One-seat attack fighter used by Morocco; 20 built
F.1JA One-seat fighter for Ecuador with interceptor and ground attack capabilities
F.1R Reconnaissance model

KNOWN COMBAT RECORD: Polisario conflict (Morocco, 1979-1988)
Iran-Iraq War (Iraq, 1980-1988)
South African Border War (South Africa, 1980-1989)
Paquisha War (Ecuador, 1981)
Chadian-Libyan War (France, Libya, 1984-1986)
Libya - Operation Epervier (France, 1986)
Iraq - Operation Desert Storm (Iraq, Kuwait, 1991)
Bosnia - Operation Deliberate Force (France, 1995)
Cenepa War (Ecuador, 1995)
Iraq - Operation Desert Fox (Iraq, 1998)
Afghanistan - Operation Enduring Freedom (France, 2007)
Libya Civil War / Operation Unified Protector (Libya, France, 2011)

KNOWN OPERATORS: Ecuador, Fuerza Aérea Equatoriana (Ecuadorian Air Force) - 19
France, Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) - 251
Gabon, Armée de l'Air Gabonaise (Gabon Air Force) - 4
Greece, Elliniki Polimiki Aeroporia (Hellenic Air Force) - 40
Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force) - 24?
Iraq, Al Quwwat Al Jawwiya al Iraqiya (Iraqi Air Force) - 108
Jordan, Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Malakiya al-Urduniya (Royal Jordanian Air Force) - 38
Kuwait, al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Kuwaitiya (Kuwaiti Air Force) - 33
Libya, Al Quwwat al Jawwiya al Jamahiriya al Arabia al Libyya (Libyan Air Force) - 38
Morocco, Al Quwwat al Jawiyya al Malakiya Marakishiya (Royal Moroccan Air Force) - 50
Qatar (Qatar Emiri Air Force) - 15
South Africa, Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag (South African Air Force) - 48
Spain, Ejército del Aire Española (Spanish Air Force) - 73


Mirage F.1

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