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ERJ-145 Amazon
Regional Airliner

With turboprop-powered aircraft becoming more unpopular with passengers, EMBRAER of Brazil was one of the first companies to develop a turbofan-powered commuter aircraft. EMBRAER sought to maximize commonality with its EMB-120 aircraft in order the miniumize costs. The EMB-145, which was later redesignated the ERJ-145 for EMBRAER Regional Jet, originally used the straight-wings of the EMB-120 as well as a stretched version of the EMB-120 fuselage. Later redesigns evolved to include swept wings with supercritical airfoils allowing improved performance. The engine location also moved from above the wings to below the wings and finally to the tail before the design was finally frozen. Deliveries of the ERJ-145 began in 1996 to operators in Brazil, Europe, Australia, and the US. The basic design has proven such a resounding success that an entire family of shortened, stretched, long range, business jet, and military models has been produced. The success of the ERJ-145 family has firmly cemented EMBRAER as one of the dominant manufacturers of regional jets. Over 1,100 ERJ-145, ERJ-135, and ERJ-140 aircraft and derivatives had been built by 2009.

Last modified 13 June 2012

First Flight (ERJ-145) 11 August 1995
(ERJ-140) 27 June 2000
Service Entry

(ERJ-145) 6 August 1997 (with Continental Express)
(ERJ-140) July 2001 (with American Eagle Airlines)


two: pilot, co-pilot


(ERJ-145) 50 in one class
(ERJ-135) 37 in one class
(ERJ-140) 44 in one class



Wing Root unknown supercritical
Wing Tip unknown supercritical

Length (ERJ-145ER) 97.91 ft (29.87 m)
(ERJ-135ER) 86.42 ft (26.34 m)
(ERJ-140ER) 93.33 ft (28.45 m)
Wingspan 65.75 ft (20.04 m)
Height 22.17 ft (6.75 m)
Wing Area 550 ft² (51.18 m²)
Canard Area

not applicable

Empty (ERJ-145) 25,540 lb (11,585 kg)
(ERJ-145LR) 26,705 lb (12,115 kg)
(ERJ-145XR) 27,760 lb (12,590 kg)
Normal Takeoff unknown
Max Takeoff (ERJ-145STD) 42,330 lb (19,200 kg)
(ERJ-145ER) 45,415 lb (20,600 kg)
(ERJ-145EP) 46,275 lb (20,990 kg)
(ERJ-145EU) 44,070 lb (19,990 kg)
(ERJ-145LR) 48,500 lb (22,000 kg)
(ERJ-145LU) 50,685 lb (22,990 kg)
(ERJ-145MK) 42,330 lb (19,200 kg)
(ERJ-145XR) 53,130 lb (24,100 kg)
(ERJ-135ER) 41,885 lb (19,000 kg)
(ERJ-135LR) 44,090 lb (20,000 kg)
(ERJ-140ER) 44,315 lb (20,100 kg)
(ERJ-140LR) 46,520 lb (21,000 kg)
Fuel Capacity (ERJ-145STD) 9,200 lb (4,175 kg)
(ERJ-145ER) 9,200 lb (4,175 kg)
(ERJ-145EP) 9,200 lb (4,175 kg)
(ERJ-145EU) 9,200 lb (4,175 kg)
(ERJ-145LR) 11,430 lb (5,185 kg)
(ERJ-145LU) 11,430 lb (5,185 kg)
(ERJ-145MK) 9,200 lb (4,175 kg)
(ERJ-145XR) 13,165 lb (5,975 kg)
(ERJ-140LR) 11,435 lb (5,185 kg)
Max Payload

(ERJ-145STD) 12,160 lb (5,515 kg)
(ERJ-145LR) 12,755 lb (5,785 kg)
(ERJ-145XR) 13,025 lb (5,910 kg)
(ERJ-135ER) 9,255 lb (4,200 kg)
(ERJ-135LR) 9,920 lb (4,500 kg)
(ERJ-140ER) 11,650 lb (5,285 kg)
(ERJ-140LR) 11,665 lb (5,290 kg)

Powerplant (ERJ-145ER) two Allison AE 3007A turbofans
(ERJ-145LR) two Allison AE 3007A1 turbofans

(ERJ-145) 14,080 lb (62.64 kN)

Max Level Speed at altitude: 520 mph (835 km/h) at 35,000 ft (10,670 m), Mach 0.78
at sea level: unknown
cruise speed:
(ERJ-145) 495 mph (795 km/h) at 35,000 ft (10,670 m), Mach 0.75
(ERJ-145ER) 480 mph (770 km/h)
long-range cruise speed: 415 mph (665 km/h)
Initial Climb Rate (ERJ-145STD) 2,560 ft (780 m) / min
(ERJ-145ER) 2,150 ft (655 m) / min
Service Ceiling 37,000 ft (11,280 m)
Cruise Altitude 32,000 ft (9,755 m)
Range (ERJ-145STD) 800 nm (1,480 km)
(ERJ-145ER) 1,330 nm (2,465 km)
(ERJ-145LR) 1,550 nm (2,875 km)
(ERJ-145XR) 2,000 nm (3,705 km)
(ERJ-135ER) 1,300 nm (2,410 km)
(ERJ-135LR) 1,750 nm (3,245 km)
(ERJ-140ER) 1,250 nm (2,315 km)
(ERJ-140LR) 1,650 nm (3,060 km)


EMB-145 or
Initial baseline model carrying 50 passengers
ERJ-145ER Improved baseline extended range model
ERJ-145EP Derivative of the ERJ-145ER with increased maximum takeoff weight but the same passenger load and fuel capacity
ERJ-145EU ERJ-145STD model designed specifically for the European market with the same same passenger load and fuel capacity but an increased maximum takeoff weight
ERJ-145LR Long range model of the ERJ-145ER with increased fuel capacity and uprated engines for improved climb performance
ERJ-145LI Unknown but assumed to be a variant of the ERJ-145LR
ERJ-145LU Long range model of the ERJ-145ER with the same fuel capacity as the ERJ-145LR but increased maximum takeoff weight
ERJ-145MK Identical to the ERJ-145STD except with an increased maximum zero fuel weight
ERJ-145XR Extra long range model of the ERJ-145ER with several aerodynamic improvements including winglets, increased fuel capacity, increased weight, uprated engines, and higher cruise speed
ERJ-135ER Shortened derivative of the ERJ-145 seating 37 passengers
ERJ-135LR Long range version of the ERJ-135ER with increased fuel capacity and new engines
EMB-135KE or
Lengthened derivative of the ERJ-135ER seating 44 passengers
EMB-135KL or
Long range model based on the the ERJ-140ER with increased fuel capacity and new engines
EMB-135BJ Legacy
or Legacy 600
Business jet based on the ERJ-135
C-99 Military transport based on the ERJ-145
ERJ-145H AEW&C (E-99) Military airborne early warning and control platform derived from the ERJ-145 and fitted with a large multimode active phased-array Doppler radar mission system mounted atop the fuselage as well as an onboard command & control and advanced data-link suite
ERJ-145SA (R-99A) Military aerial surveillance model similar to the AEW&C version but optimized for monitoring air traffic and general surveillance missions
ERJ-145RS/AGS (R-99B) Military remote sensing reconnaissance and surveillance model based on the ERJ-145 but equipped with advanced sensors including a synthetic aperture radar, electro-optical and multi-spectral sensors, or communications and electronic intelligence systems
ERJ-145MP/ASW (P-99) Maritime patrol variant of the EMB-145 equipped with scanning and early warning radars

Civil AeroLitoral
AeroMexico Connect
Air Caraibes
Air Excel
Air France Régional
Air Moldova
Alitalia Express
American Eagle Airlines
Axon Airlines
British Airways Connect
British Midland (bmi Regional)
British Regional Airlines
Brymon Airways
Chautauqua Airlines
China Eastern Airlines
China Southern Airlines
Cirrus Airlines
City Airline
Continental Express
Delta Connection
ExpressJet Airlines
Finncomm Airlines
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KLM Exel
LOT Polish Airlines
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National Jet Services
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PGA Portugália Airlines
Proteus Airlines and Regional Airlines
Regional Airlines France
Republic (Chautauqua)
Rio Sul Linhas Aéreas
Sichuan Airlines
South African Airlink
Swiss International Air Lines
Tianjin Airlines
Trans States Airlines
US Airways
Government/Military Angola, Força Aérea Nacional Angolana (National Air Force of Angola) - ERJ-135
Belgium, Belgishe Luchtmacht/Force Aérienne Belge (Belgium Air Component of the Armed Forces) - ERJ-135LR, ERJ-145LR
Brazil, Força Aérea Brasileira (Brazilian Air Force) - ERJ-135, ERJ-145
Ecuador, Fuerza Aérea Equatoriana (Ecuadorian Air Force) - Legacy 600
Greece, Elliniki Polimiki Aeroporia (Hellenic Air Force) - ERJ-135ER, E-99
India, Bharatiya Vayu Sena (Indian Air Force) - ERJ-135
India (Indian Border Security Force) - ERJ-135
Mexico, Fuerza Aérea Mexicana (Mexican Air Force) - R-99, P-99
Thailand, Kong Tha Han Lur Thai (Royal Thai Navy Air Arm) - ERJ-135LR
Thailand, Kongthap Bok Thai (Royal Thai Army) - ERJ-135LR



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